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The last age ended when Ancient Kulthus vanished in fire and destruction, passing away as a victim of her own pride. With her came an end to the Civilization of Machine and Sorcery and an end was made of the dominion of the Highborne over the world.

Magical cataclysm rained down upon Aeryth and shockwaves of ruin and death circled all Gaea. The Sundering of the empire was named the Great Collapse in later years. Pockets of wild magic were formed that swept up in the form of great storms of pure essence, ley lines were ruptured and regions that were once green and fertile were blasted dry and made desolate and ruinous.

This was the legacy that the Artificers had left behind. The khazad retreated into their underground kingdoms. The sildanyari raised up their magic walls and the little people disappeared into their illusions or shadowed glens. So it fell to the men, to survive in the new world.

From it the world emerged anew, and a new age begun. The cities of men strode forward, and crafted wonders untold. In Kulthos' ruins the people of Aeryth surged, and the growth of their nations now cover the earth and the tale of their heroics stands beyond measure.

Yet now we face a catastrophe just as great--the sundering of a god from the heavens and the rise of the dark goddess, Taara. We stand in the wake of what may be a new era, and the drums of the khazad beat once again. The sildanyari nation surges forward, and mankind raises its eyes towards the heavens in the aftermath of worldwide devastation.

- Sage Orum

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