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What are RPPs?

RPPs (Role Play Points and Perks) are a way of rewarding your efforts to tell your own story. They are:

  • Gained from roleplaying with others, and spending time ongrid in any non-PrP or non-DM'd scene (those have their own rewards)
  • Spendable on a variety of things which enhance your story
  • Awarded per player; as you earn them, you may spend them any way you wish among your alts

How do I Get Them?

Step One: Join Roleplay

Get out on the grid! Only non-PrP and non-DM'd scenes count; these sorts of activities have their own rewards. Other methods are:

  • Run a Meetup
  • Run a Non-combat PrP
  • Earn a Flaw over time
  • Submit an article to the Alexandria Tribune! Include the article text in your +req.
  • Log a scene for a staffer!

...the easiest though, is just getting out there and RPing with others!

Step Two: Send Staff a Note

What Should I Know?

  • Use +request/rpp to send us a note
  • Include enough to paint the scene and result; 3 sentences is about right
  • No LOLspeak
  • Any non-DM/PrP RP is ok! Don't be picky!
  • Staff reserves the right to reject awards for 'staring at his manly, dimpled chin and deep blue eyes' RP; it just is not the focus of the game. You can do it, it is just not our focus.
  • Each person submits their own (who's in RP can change over time, and this means writing once instead of 3-4 per scene)
  • Also, while relationships are a thing, we try to keep the primary spotlight on adventure. So, you are welcome to develop your romantic relationships on the side. Plots and roleplays whose sole focus are "the starry shine of my lover's manful chin" are just not rewardable with game mechanics. A relationship can be mentioned as an aside to a larger arc, but we ask it not be the focus. Also, staff doesn't really need to read about manly chins. Really. Please don't.


+request/rpp Burn, Beer, Burn=Kimmin ran into Sandy near Braggart's Tavern during an Alexandrian pub crawl. Sandy was as drunk as ever, and for Tarien's own reason the two decided it was a great time to set fire to the Tavern roof--only to be chased off by a set of arvek nar. Later, the city caught on fire.
+request/rpp Glitterpouf's Performance at the Ox!=Glitterpouf performed at the Ox today, with Bob, Sam, and Slate present. He sang a few rounds of rousing folksong before getting boo'd off the stage. Afterwards, he ran past the thrown tomatos, and out into the street.
+request/rpp A Capering Duck=http://www.tenebraemush.net/This_is_My_Log_URL

Step Three: Buy Things

Select from several options, below.

What Can I Buy?

Types of RPP Spends

Rpp unlimited.gif
Purchasable an unlimited number of times. Sometimes less often, but the ability will say.
Rpp limited.gif
Purchasable one of its type per PC. For example, each of your characters may purchase one Aspect and one Vehicle.
Rpp exclusive.gif
Only one Exclusive spend per PC. These are spends that require a significant investment in time on behalf of your PC, and will develop as you do.*

Subtypes of RPP Spends

Rpp tiered.gif
Any of the above spends may be Tiered. These spends advance! That is, over time you can invest in them to unlock additional abilities. If a spend has Tiers, it will list them. You can advance with a RPP Tier as high as your Level/2. For example, at level 6 you could earn your third Aspect. Tiers are often abbreviated as: T1, T2 for Tier 1 and Tier 2, respectively. You may not repurchase Tiers to "double" abilities. In this way, they are similar to character levels. Just as you could not purchase Wizard 1 twice, you could not purchase an Aspect's Tier 1 twice.
Rpp token.gif
Additional, unlockable abilities. Almost all Exclusive spends offer Tokens once you've advanced high enough.

* If RP takes a different course, you can transfer from one exclusive to a different one. At tier one, this may be done for free. At higher tiers, you transfer at one tier lower than previous (though you must pay any cost difference, if there is one). This may not be done for Ancestral Weapon, due to its complications. Finally, for organization spellcasters: these spellcasters must pay back the costs of purchase and scribing any spells they have received.

Know What You Want?

Know what you want? Send in a +request to the SPEND bucket, letting us know what you're purchasing. Make sure you've moved enough RPPs to the correct alt, first, though.

The Big List

Things About Things Type of Thing
Aspects Magic in your blood. Rpp limited.gif
Flaws Even Superman had kryptonite. Rpp limited.gif
Homelands Your ties to your homeland are stronger than most. Rpp limited.gif
Prosthetic Limbs From animated clay to iron to artifice, prosthetics replace a range of body parts. Rpp limited.gif
Small Vehicle That beerwagon you'd always wanted. Hauled by griffons. Rpp limited.gif
Ancestral Weapon An intelligent weapon, tied to you. Rpp exclusive.gif
Blood Pacts You read the contract, right? Rpp exclusive.gif
Influence Spends Becoming well-known and influential in your social spheres. Rpp exclusive.gif Rpp limited.gif Rpp unlimited.gif
Organization Spends Exclusive benefits and exceptional training, become a mentor and be recognized among your peers. Rpp exclusive.gif Rpp limited.gif Rpp unlimited.gif
Public Spaces Build an ongrid shop, tea house, or other small construction that may be shared with everyone. Rpp exclusive.gif Rpp limited.gif Rpp unlimited.gif
Character Spends Reroll hit dice and other miscellaneous goodies. Rpp unlimited.gif