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About Standard PrPs

A Standard PrP (SPrP) involves dashing, daring, and a challenge of some type. Standard PrPs may have up to two encounters, or none at all. Where there are no encounters, there should be a heavy RP emphasis.

Tenebrae has a system of trust that allows any willing and capable player the ability to run a Standard Plot without having to get the plot idea pre-approved. SPrPs can be run anytime. They are not death-consent, and so are great for spending time with the community, as well as trying out new techniques and ideas. They are the most common type of PrP.

In other words, if you want to run one, just run one.

To help us keep track of who's gotten to plot and who hasn't, as well as ensure everyone gets a chance to participate, make sure to craft an +event (see +help events), even if it is after the fact, and /confirm everyone who participated.

  • 75% XP and Treasure for up to 2 encounters
  • Noncombat plots award an additional 2 RPP to runner (be sure and let participants know it's a noncombat)
  • Runner receives award based on their level, max reward for participants is APL+2
Encounters and Challenges
  • T1: Up to CR+2 (up to CR+3 if 5 or more)
  • T2: Up to CR+3 (up to CR+4 if 5 or more)
  • T3-4: Up to CR+4 (up to CR+5 if 5 or more)
  • Use any creatures within the B1-B5 (except dragons, demiliches, catfolk, driders)
  • While there are usually level ranges for combat-inclusive plots, this is not always the case, and skilled Runners have entertained mixed groups. When starting out, we encourage you to stick to the 2-5 range for a combat-inclusive plot. For a non-combat plot, don't worry about it.
  • Interested in skill-based combat, including Influence Combat? See our Skill Combat house rules or wing something fun!
  • While you can't create items, if players wish to purchase minor items, such as potions or wands of healing, this is okay! Ask them to tag a staff or if not possible, notate that they purchased one in the +request and if applicable, how many charges were used. Staff can take care of this on awarding the PrP.
Permanent Effects
  • If a PC ever reaches a point where they would normally die while on an SPrP, the plot runner is expected to presume the character is simply teetering on death's door and will recover following the scene's conclusion.
  • Any debilitating effects that would linger past the plot's duration are cleared once it ends. Items cannot be destroyed on a SPrP, and if damaged are considered to have been repaired fully at the end of the scene.
With Combat
Goblintown Sewers
Storming the Monastery
Without Combat
Ancestor's Pyre
Machinist's Grand Parade
Gnomish Gnoodwill Festival
Funeral for Versis
Elven Culture Celebration (with Lady Sandiel)

How to Submit a PrP

To Submit a PrP...
1. Log your PrP
  • All poses
  • All +rolls (all PrP rolls must be made in public, using the ingame roller)
  • All relevent OOC chatter or comments
2. Post your log.
Need help? See: Post the log to the wiki*
3. Let us know you ran! Send in a +request.
Include in the +request:
  • Summary
  • Character levels
  • Type of PrP (Standard (with combat, without combat) or Death-Consent)
  • Encounters
  • Any purchases
  • Any lasting effects (drains, etc.)
  • Any rumors you want posted?
  • Any Bonuses you're claiming?
  • Was anyone's RP particularly awesome? Was someone unhelpful?
  • And a link to the PrP log on the wiki*
4. Ensure your PrP was posted to +events and the players /confirmed.
Even if this is after the fact. This helps us keep track of things like, "does 6-10 need some love?" Or, "has so and so gotten scenes in the last few weeks?"

* Don't feel comfortable with the wiki? You're welcome to email your log to a staffer, instead. Once a staffer claims the +request, just email the log to them. Most staff have an email listed in their +finger. Due to security concerns, we can't accept DOC/ODT, Google Docs, or similar files. Instead, and for general safety's sake, just plop the log into an email if you choose this method.