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Who We Are

Emblem of Ea is a group of diverse people who get together to tell cooperative stories using a combination of writing and improvisational acting. We come from a host of backgrounds, creeds, professions, situations, and walks of life, but a love of roleplaying is the one thing we all share in common.

Is this game right for me?

That depends. No one game can cater to everyone, but you’ll probably fit in great if most or all of these things are true:

  • You favor roleplaying and stories over rollplaying, but are comfortable with or willing to learn and work with Pathfinder combat mechanics.
  • You’re more into “us” than “me”.
  • Characters getting into trouble sounds like a good time.
  • Your primary purpose isn’t to show how awesome you are.
  • You’re willing to cooperate with a variety of people who may be different from yourself.
  • You know that you, the player, and the character you play, are two completely different subjects.
  • A theme that incorporates fantasy and enough realism to create drama and conflict appeals to you.

What standards of behavior are expected of players?

First and foremost: Don’t Be A Jerk. Emblem of Ea operates a lot like a gaming table, and just like the creeper who never showers, those players who are always all about themselves, abuse their fellow players, demand that everyone think like them, etc. get shown the door pretty quickly.

If you get silence, people leaving channels, or people excusing themselves when you show up, that’s a pretty good clue that you’re doing something wrong. Most especially, our staff members are easy to spot (staff are named for disasters, natural and unnatural) and if one of them asks you to do or not do something, no matter how politely it is worded, it’s not a suggestion.

For more details on what behavior is and is not okay on Emblem of Ea, go here.

Do you care about grammar and spelling?

Yes. We don't ask for perfection -- and we don't get it -- but we do ask for a reasonable attempt at capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Remember, your grammar punctuation, and spelling are the face you present to everyone else, and txtspeak and lolspeak do not reflect well on you. On the other hand, being a grammar nazi will annoy people just as much. The object is to make yourself clearly understood in written form. If you can do that, that is all we ask.